AIM was founded in 1991 by 6 persons; most of them keep social background and fame. These six persons were from the same target area where AIM first started its initiative. They worked with the community to form an organization which will help them and solve their problems with the help of awareness and education. With the extensive exercise, IDENTITY, MERGE AND ACTION was formed, its objectives and working methodology was settled. The basic purpose behind the formation of this organization was to help the needy communities sustain their livelihood and have bright future. AIM believes in the empowerment of the women, development of the backward communities; help the poor people fight against sickness and taking action against illiteracy through educating the children to whom access to education is abandoned. Support the poor farmers with their livestock and agriculture lands.   




IDENTITY:      Who, where and why we are?

MERGE:           Partnership is only the solution of problems.

ACTION:          Finding ourselves, partnership and finally leads to practical work 


IDENTITY, MERGE AND ACTION-IMA (By rearrangement it is AIM)



Community development for sustainability and self-reliance



AIM’s voyage towards its vision is through Information, Research, Coordination, Education and training.  



  • To help the people for their own identification.
  • To help the people change their own unsatisfactory situation.
  • To help the people to train themselves for their own development.
  • To help the people to find their own resources rather to find first external resources for their development.
  • To help the people to merge with each other for their common interest



AIM is registered with the Government of Pakistan since 1992.



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